What do you actually do?

Impressionz.com is a banner exchange network.

  • A central place for web site owners to come if they wish to increase the traffic coming to their site.
  • We operate a "Free" banner exchange (Choice One below) and also accept payment from site owners (Choice Two) wishing to advertise their site on the web.
  • You must place banners on your web site using the html given to you when you join.
  • Once you have added the HTML to your site, every time someone sees the page(s) with it on, you will be credited with half an impression.
  • Therefore, you must show 2 banners on your site for your own account to be credited with one impression.
  • This one impression will allow your own banner to be shown somewhere else on the network, with hopefully some clicking on it and coming to your site.
  • Also, if a user clicks on a banner an your site you will receive 50 free impressions.
  • Just for signing up we will give you 2500 free impressions as well.
  • "Free" accounts also have the option to purchase credits similar to "Paid" accounts.
Choice One : I want to promote my site for free...... Open a "Free" Account
Joining Is Easy!

Here are the steps:

  • Sign up, read and agree to the Terms and Conditions .
  • Define the size of banner you wish to use.
  • Upload your banner ad for display on the Network.
  • Add our banner HTML to your website pages.
  • Sit back and watch your credits start accumulating.

Within 3 hours your account will be live. This is when your advertisment will start to be displayed on the Impressionz Advertising Network. You will be credited with your free banner impressions as soon as your site is verified. You can keep track of your credits and click-throughs on your statistics page.

Top Up your Credits : Our "Free" accounts also have the option to purchase credits for clicks or impressions.

Choice Two : I want to pay to advertise and not have to show your banners on my site...... Open a "Paid Account"

Although Impressionz runs on a free basis, we do offer members and non-members alike the chance to become a larger part of our network.

We do this by offering web site owners the chance to purchase space on our 4 networks for their own banners. Banner space can be sold in two ways.

1. By the impression

Any number of impressions can be purchased, this means that you can pay for your own banner advertisement to be shown on our 4 different sized networks as for as many times as you wish, each time it is shown there is the possibility that someone seeing the banner ad will click on it and in turn be automatically sent to your site.

2. By the click-through

A similar system to the above, but in this case you actually pay for a certain amount of click-throughs. So if you pay for 100 click-throughs, your banner will keep its place on our network until precisely 100 people have clicked on it to visit your site. This method guarantees results.

For our rate card and space availability, please click here.

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